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We want to honor the vision of Chairman Holmes and Mr. William Honablew, Jr. and thank them for their support of the inaugural WLC committee and nascent program offerings.

We celebrate the progress that the innovative WLC committee has made to date in envisioning a way forward and we look forward to a 2021 filled with value-laden, impactful, and collaborative special events which allows our members and the broader communities we serve to THRIVE!

We would like to thank especially our 19 NOV 2020 speakers, Ms. Shana Cosgrove and Dr. Jena L. Bell for their tremendous discussion with us on Making Your Leap into Entrepreneurship, as well as Dr. Erica Anthony and Ms. Tiffany Lymon for their strong and informative mentorship and leadership during our 28 OCT 2020 Positively Pivoting for 2021 & Beyond event.

Last, but not least we recognize Our STAR BCCoC WLC team 

  • Bellevue University (BCCC Partner): Debra Vines 
  • Chase Street Accessories and Engraving: Shana Kayne Beach, Lauren Stoll 
  • Express Pros: Kenya Taylor 
  • I Am What I Am: Danielle Ellington 
  • Maryland Public Television (MPT): Collette Colclough 
  • National Association of African Americans in HR: Ciera Parks 
  • The Arc: Megan Andrade, Kimberly Scroggins 
  • The Virtual Hailey Group, LLC: Nadine Hailey 
  • TLM Public Relations: Tanya Moore

Next Steps: 

  • Finalizing our planning for a Tremendous 2021
  • Interested in joining the BCCoC Women's Leadership Committee in 2021?

May each of you and your families have a Safe, Happy, and Prosperous Holiday season.

Your partners in success!

Co-Chair Brenda Kwateng, ICS Global, 

Co-Chair Dr. Rhonda Farrell, Global Innovation Strategies,


The Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to serve as an engine for business and economic development that promotes both members’ and the City’s core value propositions.


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