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6:00pm - 8:00pm


Meet 1ST PLACE WINNER, Kelvin Johnson, co-founder and owner of For the Culture Games and finalist for So You Want to Pitch competition.

"Welcome to For The Culture Games, the game-changing team based out of Baltimore, Maryland. We're dedicated to gaming for good where we practice our High Frequent C's -
Celebrating Culture
Creating Connections
Causing Community Change

We also offer a comprehensive financial literacy program designed to teach kids and others interested in learning about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Our program is tailored to the unique needs of the community and is taught by experienced professionals who are passionate about making a difference.

We also are partnered with Pathway Education Solutions offering STEM education in the form of Robotics training and coaching for students throughout the state of Maryland."

Learn more at: @fortheculturegames

Meet YOUTH 1st PLACE WINNER, Don McClain is a 17 y/o youth advocate, leader, entrepreneur, and artist of multiple mediums from Baltimore City AND finalist in the So You Want to Pitch competition.

They've always been passionate about influencing others positively and public speaking. Then as they began to explore their network, Don realized that they enjoy interacting with people through different social platforms!

Growing up black AND queer wasn't easy, so it took Don a long time to define their voice. However, at the peak of the summer of 2021, the Founder and CEO of HeartSmiles, Joni Holifield, gave our very own Don a platform to share their story!

Don now leads numerous projects around the city of Baltimore

(ie. The Youth Food Security Network and The Youth-Police Relations Project), while actively fighting for youth to be brought into conversations where they are concerned! @thedonmanner

Meet 2nd PLACE WINNER, Wendy Post, Owner and Founder of The Birth Mark and finalist for the So You Want to Pitch competition.

"Welcome to our community!!! With a nursing background spanning 23 years, I've not only navigated the vast healthcare landscape but also personally experienced the highs and lows of high-risk motherhood and parenting a premature infant. My recent publication on maternal rights in healthcare was more than just an article—it was a reflection of my journey, underscoring the importance of advocacy, support, and education. Here, we delve into the power of knowledge, the essence of empathy, and the pivotal role they play in shaping positive maternal experiences. Join our platform as we champion maternal well-being through the lens of advocacy, support, and education. Together, let's create a space where every mother feels seen, heard, and empowered."

Learn more about The Birth Mark: @_the_birth_mark

Meet 3rd PLACE WINNER, Sydney Johnson, owner of Up$ycled and finalist in the So You Want to Pitch competition.

Here at Up$ycled, ANYTHING is possible. From canvas fabric to          
T-shirts, blankets, thrifted materials, and old jeans, we make it happen. This business is creatively expansive, meaning, the more learned about the design process, the more products will be offered overtime. There will be different series overtime, focusing on different articles & pieces such as clothing, accessories, etc. As of now, only tote bags are being sold. New products & creative pieces coming soon so continue to STAY TUNED!

Learn more at: @up.sycled

Meet CONTESTANT AND FINALIST, Tamika Bryant, CEO of Amazin Faces and finalist for So You Want to Pitch competition.

Baltimore native. Certified MUA. Community Advocate. Medical Mom of her only son DJ. Tamika dropped out of school during 9th grade but this did not stop her. She later began going to Eastside Youth Opportunity Center where she earned her diploma and began preparing herself for the real world. Tamika's aunt who raised her, instilled life long goal setting skills which has helped her to become a business owner at the young age of 24. Amazin Faces specializes in makeup application assistance, and glamorizing faces! Amazin faces has incredible beauty and makeup products for consumers.

Learn more: @amazin.faces




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