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While many Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce (BCCoC) members are appropriately concerned about their health insurance coverage, it is important to remember that changes in employment or business operations may have a significant impact on your life insurance coverage and your business insurance protection. We have been asked about pointers on thinking about insurance during this crisis. Here is some of the advice that we have found.

For those who had life Insurance through employers:

  • Plans vary greatly and you should confirm the details of your plan with your company’s human resources/benefits office.
  • If your termination is total and have lost your health insurance coverage (e.g., using COBRA), then it is highly likely that you no longer have the life insurance.
  • If you are temporarily laid-off and all of your benefits are still in place, then the life insurance would most likely still be in place.
  • It is important to consider getting life insurance separate from your employment.
  • While it’s never too late, buying a life insurance policy earlier in your career will often results in a less expensive policy for similar coverage.
  • If you have an underlying condition, an employer’s life insurance may be more advantageous because the premiums are often based on the employee group and not your individual health.
  • If you have underlying/chronic health conditions, you might want to look at or supplemental insurance.
  • Make sure that you understand what circumstances are covered by your life insurance policy. For example, an Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance policy may not pay a benefit if the subject of the policy dies of a disease.

For Business Insurance:

  • Most insurance companies are offering delayed payments on premiums or extending the grace period for cancellation and waiving cancellation fees. Some it is automatic and others it needs to be requested.
  • For Business Interruption Coverage – most companies are saying that you can submit a claim for this coverage and the company will review in and decide on a case-by-case basis.

Below is a list of BCCoC members who may be able to help you navigate your insurance needs.




Academy Financial

Richard Craft

Chesapeake Insurance Solutions

Karen Blake

Mason & Carter Inc

Read Carter

Miller & Zois

Daniel Ludwig 

North Central Insurance Agency

Hannah Callihan

S.J.S Financial Firm LLC

Sharif Small

She Inspires

Shateka Husser


John Gourdin

TGC Agency

John L. Green


George Faber

Wells Fargo Bank

Bobby Wilson

Worthington Financial Partners

Patricia Almony

For more information on responding to the crisis, please click here.


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