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We ask that you help us achieve our 2022 donation goal of $75,000. These funds will be used in order to provide financial assistance for local businesses.
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Message from the chairWOMAN

My time as a member of Baltimore City's Chamber of Commerce has been a rewarding experience. We strive to lend a helping hand to local businesses by providing them with the resources necessary to excel within their industry. During these unprecedented times, it is important that everyone in our community comes together to support one another.

As the Chairwoman of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, I am excited to be apart of an organization full of Baltimore's top business owners and professionals. I will make it my mission to positively impact the lives of those within our organization.

We add value to the businesses that join us by providing them with opportunities through networking events, social gatherings, business workshops, and much more.

All it takes is one special person to spark change within an entire city. We are sure that person could be you!  If you are a positive person who cares about strengthening Baltimore, you should join the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn and sign up to receive our Weekly Messages to the business community. 

Kimberly Castle Royster
Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, 2022-2023


I am honored to serve as the new Executive Director for the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. As a lifelong resident of Baltimore City, I am very passionate about supporting local businesses and helping people achieve their goals.

My parents raised me to embrace every challenge and understand that hard work pays off. I never imagined that my dream would come true to serve as the “connector” for our local city businesses.  I am delighted that I have an opportunity to make an impact in the city that I love!!

I am looking forward to collaborating with Kimberly Royster - our new Board Chair! - as well as the rest of our Board of Directors and all of our current and prospective members.  I am excited to meet all of you as well and I will be reaching out to speak with everyone in the upcoming year.

Thank you!

Lenora Henry

Executive Director


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